Jim Bohannon

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Jim Bohannon is one of America’s top radio personalities Jim describes himself as a “militant moderate” whose natural curiosity allows him to discuss any topic intelligently. The respected industry magazine TALKERS ranks The Jim Bohannon Show as the fifth most listened-to talk program in the country. A broadcasting veteran, Jim began his career in 1960 at his hometown station, KLWT-AM, Lebanon, MO. While attending Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, Jim was a disc jockey at KICK radio, and then a newsman at KWTO. Both KLWT and KWTO still carry Jim’s programs today. After college, Jim served in the U.S. Army security agency, including spending a year in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. Jim was at Long Binh, Vietnam, during the “Tet” offensive. The Army transferred Jim to Washington, DC, where he has spent most of his professional career. That includes work at DC news stations WTOP and WRC. From 1980 to 1983, Jim worked for WCFL in Chicago, doing the morning show there while working afternoons at CNN’s Chicago bureau. It was during that time that Jim began filling in for the legendary Larry King on his Mutual Broadcasting System talk show. Westwood One later purchased Mutual, and in 1993, when Larry’s radio show shifted to daytime, the nighttime show became The Jim Bohannon Show we know and love. Jim is also the host of two other Westwood One programs, the daily news magazine America in the Morning and the weekly feature magazine America This Week. With the talk show and AITM airing on over 300 radio stations each and ATW airing on another 70-plus stations, Jim can be heard on more than 500 radio stations from coast-to-coast every week. Jim is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago) and is on the Wall of Honor back in his home town of Lebanon, MO. Jim is also the originator of National Freedom of Information Day, an idea Jim first submitted to the Society of Professional Journalists in New York City in 1979. The Day is observed each year on March 16, the birthday of James Madison, father of the Bill of Rights. Jim’s a frequent speaker and freelance announcer, and serves as one of the stable of voiceover announcers for the CBS News program Face The Nation. Jim and his wife Annabelle reside in Montgomery Village, MD, with their corgi, Trevor. (The Staff particularly loves Annabelle: whenever she visits she brings us homemade cookies and cake—and there’s nothing radio people like more than free food!) As you’ll hear him mention now and then, Jim hails from the south-central Missouri city of Lebanon, where Jim grew up attending elementary, junior and senior high school. For some, the best reference point might be that Lebanon is about 90 miles north of Branson, where all the theaters are to be found. Jim is mighty proud of his hometown, which, by the way, is the aluminum boat capital of the world.

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